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Have you ever walked into a café, sat down and waited for someone to take your order? Waited and waited, smiling as staff walk by with the other customers’ orders. Eventually you have to ask whether someone is going to take your order! You are told that orders are placed at the counter. You are annoyed because there are no signs to say that this is what you do. When you point this out to the waiter, they show you the menu, and right at the bottom of the page in the smallest of print there is a sign to say: “Please place your order at the counter quoting your table number”. In my case I suppose I was lucky – lucky that I asked and was pointed in the right direction. Most people would’ve just walked out, hence business is lost.

Signposting is crucial in all aspects of life. Even in a café, we need clear signs to tell us what to do. If not, we then become confused. We follow signs every day, so much so that we become unconscious of the fact we’re even doing it. That’s until something goes wrong, then we sit up and take note. But what about your career who signposts you then? When you’re at work where, perhaps, you are disillusioned in your job, you can’t see any signs of career prospects. What do you do? Who do you go to? It is a grey area where that one mistake may cost you dearly.

Making any career decision isn’t easy. It effects not just you, but everyone else around you: your husband, partner, children even the in laws. This means that if you are contemplating a career change you need to seek help from the professionals who know best. Career coaching can result in increased career decidedness, better vocational identity and clearer career goals. As a result, you are more than likely to put your plans into action following career support.

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